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    Bringing people and data together
    A Qlik Sense extension which allows you to write in-app governed commentary associated to your data and accessible to everyone, anytime.

Ready to introduce collaboration into your analytics workflow?

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Collaborate with your data

Transforming the way businesses collaborate to better understand their data and accelerate the decision making process.

Get from insights to action faster.

Rich enterprise-ready features enables organizations to communicate more effectively and reach business decisions quicker.

Write commentary

Enrich your dashboards by providing additional context to your KPIs making it easy to digest and act upon.

Powerful rich editor

Gain control over your commentary appearance by using some of the most popular formatting tools.

Generate reports

Take your commentaries offline with our PDF export capabilities and circulate around your business.

Approval workflow

Introduce moderation into your workflow by approving single/batch commentaries or rejecting with comments.

History search

Access our central repository and compare commentaries across a period in time.

Audit changes

Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization possibilities.

Inline discussions

Collaborate right in your commentary with threaded conversations.


Receive emails notifications when changes occur in a commentary

Action items

Define the next steps people must take to resolve an issue